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New Members Orientation

Rev. Charles Hunter runs new members orientation
Rev. Charles Hunter runs new members orientation

Welcome to Bethany

We believe that our first responsibility is to provide an environment where you and your family will feel welcome. We want you to be able to quickly adapt to your new church family so that you can effectively grow in biblical understanding and develop as a member in the body of Christ.

All new members are encouraged to attend a new members’ orientation which has been prepared specifically for you. This orientation is designed to introduce you to your new church home and prepare you for effective ministry by introducing you in standard church operating procedures, the benefits and purpose of ongoing ministries, providing a thorough introduction to basic Christian doctrine, and introducing you to key church staff and officers. The orientation will also assist new members in evaluating their current spiritual level and determine how your pastor and church can best assist you in your development and growth. New members may enter the orientation curriculums in one of the following four stages:

  • Primary
  • Youth & Children
  • Adult
  • Christian Experience

Once the orientation process is complete, new members will be enrolled in the appropriate Sunday School class.

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